Avi Alkaş

Özyeğin University – Alp Alkaş Retail Real Estate Centre (OzU aARREC) is established by Özyeğin University and Alkaş Family in memory of my beloved son Alp Alkaş who passed away in 2013.

Although Alp was in his twenties, he was very successful ambitious young associate, actively working in Retail & Real Estate Industry. After this severe loss, all donations for Alp are put together by ICSC and TCSCR contributions. By launching OzU aA RREC with Mr. Hüsnü Özyeğin under the roof of Ozyeğin University, professionals like Alp will be educated and brought into the industry.

This center aims at training new professionals to serve retail & real estate industry at national and regional participation, through; internationally accredited training programs, Certificate and Master Degree programs, Professional and scientific research and publications.

Alongside the outstanding faculty of Ozyegin University, center’s aim is to enhance the program by guest speakers, who are well known leaders of their line of business.

I believe in the future, this center will contribute to the advancement of the industry and will be recognized internationally and nationally as one of the most successful centers.

Avi Alkaş
President, JLL Turkey
President of Board of Directors, Alkaş Consulting