MBA in Real Estate

“Dual Diploma with University of Wisconsin-Madison The Global Real Estate Master (GREM) Program

  • The Opportunity

Ozyegin University Graduate School of Business now offers you an exceptional opportunity: obtain the Global Real Estate Master (GREM) degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in addition to the MBA degree at OzU!

UW-Madison has one of the oldest academic real estate programs in the world. The UW-Madison Real Estate program ranks as one of the top three real estate programs at all levels in the USA, and is renowned for its expertise in the field of real estate.

  • How does it work?

After completing their first year in the OzU MBA program, qualified students in the Real Estate Specialization will have an opportunity to join the GREM program at UW-Madison, where they will have to complete an additional 16 credits of coursework and field trips to earn the GREM Master Degree. The GREM program takes place between August and December.

The Global Real Estate Program at UW-Madison aims to educate Real Estate Professionals who can work anywhere in the world. Some of the coursework students take at OzU will count toward credit in the GREM Program.


Like the Retail Specialization, the Real Estate Specialization offers participants to gain in-depth knowledge in the field of real estate valuation, investment and management, and is coordinated with the Alp Alkaş Retail and Real Estate Center (aARREC). The Real Estate specialization features 4 area core courses (see table above) and 5 electives, which can be taken within the area, or in other subjects.


Through our coordination with aARREC, students in Retail and Real Estate tracks are able to take classes offered in the Retail and Real Estate Certificate Program and to obtain the certificate at no additional cost. In addition, they interact regularly with industry leaders and sector representatives through the guest speakers and events organized by the center.